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Sneak Peek Friday Registration

Sneak Peek Friday for the 5th USA Science & Engineering Festival!
Friday, April 6, 2018
Exhibits open from 9am to 3pm

Sneak Peek Friday is open to school groups, homeschoolers and military families.

  • Registrant Contact Information

  • School or Organization Information

  • We recommend one adult chaperone per ten students
  • Important Information About Transportation to Sneak Peek Friday


    ARRIVAL BY SCHOOL BUS OR CHARTERED MOTOR COACH IS VERY DIFFICULT and can result in extended wait times for arrivals and departures, due to heavy commuter traffic and limited drop off areas at the convention center. We are working to develop a transportation plan for schools arriving by bus, however, please consider alternate public or private forms of transportation if possible. Due to construction in the area, the 2018 bus arrival and pick up procedure will differ from prior years.

    If your registered group is arriving by a school bus or chartered motor coach, you will be notified with additional information regarding bus arrivals and departures.

    IMPORTANT NOTE - Buses stopped in undesignated areas surrounding the convention center will be subject to fines by the police. Contact [email protected] with questions about bus guidelines.
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    Attendee Waiver
    Participation in the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo is at your own risk. Organizers, exhibitors and volunteers cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, injury or other liability resulting from your or your student’s participation in the Expo at any of the Expo locations. Activities at the Expo may be filmed or photographed for educational or public relations purposes. By attending the Expo, attendees authorize organizers and exhibitors to use their or their student’s photograph, image or video for such purposes.

    Student Rules and Regulations: While in attendance at Sneak Peek Friday, all students must abide by the standards for student behavior enforced by their school so that we can provide a safe (and fun!) learning environment outside of the classroom. Additionally, please see the following attendee rules:

    - No student backpacks will be permitted inside the convention center. Small cinch packs are acceptable for students. Adult chaperones may carry a standard backpack.

    - Attendees are responsible for carrying personal belongings with them at all times (includes lunches and cinch packs). We will NOT have a holding area for student or chaperone belongings.

    - Attendees may bring their own lunch or purchase food from the convention center. Inside the convention center, all food must be consumed in designated lunch areas. Attendees are responsible for discarding their own trash before leaving the lunch areas. The Convention Center will have food options available for purchase.

    - Parents and chaperones are welcome to bring younger siblings to Sneak Peek Friday. All children under the age of 7 must have a cell phone number and contact name fastened to their clothing if they get lost. Please determine a meeting place and communicate that location to your children in advance, in the event that you are separated from your group.

    - We recommend one adult chaperone per ten student attendees

    - For lost items, contact [email protected]