Career Pavilion

The USA Science & Engineering Festival features a STEM Career Pavilion for high-school students as part of the finale Expo. We are currently seeking scientists, engineers, companies, STEM organizations, universities, colleges and other organizations to be part of the hugely popular STEM Career Pavilion.

The Pavilion gives students a chance to explore tomorrow’s hot careers in areas such as renewable energy, robotics, space tourism, nanotechnology, virtual reality, clean technology, genetics, education, and many other exciting fields.

Through your participation, the STEM Career Pavilion will encourage students and other visitors to see what career possibilities are available to them. Four different kinds of activities will take place in the Pavilion:
  1. College Fair – Students meet representatives from some of the leading colleges and universities focused on STEM.
  2. STEM Programs Exposition – Opportunity for visitors to find out about internships, mentorships, scholarships and after-school programs.
  3. Job Fair – Gives students and others the chance to meet some of the companies now recruiting for STEM-related professionals.
  4. Meet the Scientists & Engineers – Allows students to personally meet real-life role models in STEM.
See below for further details on each of these categories, and which one best fits your Organization’s mission. Then Click Here to apply.

College Fair

Students and parents can talk with representatives to find out what it takes to get into a STEM program at some of the best universities or colleges.  This will be a unique chance for them to talk to admissions and financial aid officers, and current students and alumni to get the scoop on everything, including:
  • What courses are offered
  • The application process, and requirements
  • The range of extracurricular activities each school offers (i.e. clubs, sports, volunteering opportunities and internships)
  • Post-graduate opportunities

STEM Programs Exposition

This area will feature booths for students to visit and find out from universities, laboratories, companies and others how to identify and apply for internships, mentorships, scholarships and after-school programs in STEM.

We encourage professionals representing these opportunities to have appropriate brochures, pamphlets, application forms, websites and other resource information available to distribute to visitors.

Please also be prepared to share deadlines and requirements that students should be aware of in applying for such programs.

Job Fair

The Festival Expo also welcomes representatives (i.e. Human Resources and hiring managers) from companies, universities, government agencies, laboratories and other entities who are recruiting for STEM-related job opportunities.  Adequate booth accommodations will be available.

We would especially like students (including those at the high school, undergraduate levels) to learn about available opportunities in such cutting-edge careers as renewable energy, robotics, mathematics, nanotechnology, virtual reality, clean technology, genetics, medical research, life sciences and education.

SPECIAL PROGRAM: Meet The Scientists & Engineers

Students can conduct in-person interviews with scientists and engineers, in what we like to call “speed dating of science”! Organizations will host one-hour shifts where STEM professionals will sit and talk with the students, answering their questions and engaging them in the possibilities of pursuing science and engineering careers.

This program will give students the unique opportunity to interact one-on-one with a role model scientist and/or engineer in an informal environment.

The goal is to give students a glimpse of the day-to-day lives of scientists and what is going on in cutting-edge research today.

The students will most likely ask you:

  • About the work you do, and what makes you tick.
  • What you’re up to now and what’s next.
  • How is your science going to solve some of the intractable problems of our times, what issues does it raise and what implications do these present for their lives?
  • What keeps you going in a tough, competitive field, and what are the personal challenges you’ve had to deal with in your career?
  • What do you see for the future of research, education, and training?
  • What kind of training does one need to get your job?
  • How does your work affect your personal life?

Organizations must be a sponsor to participate in the Meet the Scientists & Engineers program.