Resources for the Inspire Educators Workshops

The VIRTUAL Inspire Educators Workshops – presented by AstraZenecaDiscovery Education, and the U.S. Department of Defense, with participating workshop partners Illumina and Thermo Fisher Scientific – is a special event for educators designed to inspire and equip teachers with the most current and innovative STEM learning tools for the classroom. Industry leaders will share their STEM perspectives and resources while implementing realistic teaching models.

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Workshop:  Inspiration is Everywhere: Keeping Students Engaged with STEM in the Age of Distance Learning

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Workshop:  No-Cost Digital Resources to Support STEM Learning and Career Exploration

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Workshop:  Unlocking the Power of DNA In Your Classroom

Click Here to explore the Classroom Lesson Plans and Digital Lesson Content from DNA Decoded.

Click Here to explore scientists to bring into your classroom.

Click Here to access career videos and other STEM activities from Illumina.

Facebook Group for Educators

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Workshop:  A Virtual Showcase: Exciting Your Students about Careers in STEM

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Jason Latimer’s Impossible Science at Home

Click Here to access Impossible Science at Home videos featuring scientific experiments and magic illusions you can use in the classroom.

Jonte Lee’s Resources for Educators


  • Janice VanCleave’s Physics for Every Kid: 101 Easy Experiments in Motion, Heat, Light, Machines, and Sound
  • Janice VanCleave’s Chemistry for Every Kid: 101 Easy Experiments that Really Work
  • Janice VanCleave’s Energy for Every Kid: Easy Activities That Make Learning Science Fun
  • Janice VanCleave’s Biology For Every Kid: 101 Easy Experiments That Really Work
  • Janice VanCleave’s Earth Science for Every Kid: 101 Easy Experiments that Really Work


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