Marine Science Resources

Marine Science Resources

Check out the links below to learn even more about marine biology and deep-sea science from our STEM speakers and partners! Resources are separated by age group and grade level.

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K-12th Grades

The OCEARCH STEM Curriculum and Programs are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and integrate research projects and the technology of the OCEARCH Global Tracker into inquiry-based lessons for students in grades K-12. Students will build STEM skills as they participate in interactive lessons and activities, that enable them to become the next generation of scientists, explorers, and stewards of the ocean.

OCEARCH Lesson Plans K-12th Grades

OCEARCH Expedition Carolinas Activity Packet

OCEARCH Education Resources Video



TGR Foundation: STEM Unplugged

STEM Unplugged: Testing Methods to Clean an Oil Spill

9-12th Grades

TGR Foundation: 9th-12th Grade Resources

TGR Learning Lab Summer Virtual STEM Classes