Jason Button
Technical Applications Scientist


Jason Button – Supporting Scientists to Move the Genomics Revolution Forward

Jason is a Technical Applications Scientist for Illumina. Jason works with scientists around the world to help them answer questions about their experiments related to genomics and keep their genetic sequencers (instruments that read DNA) in tip-top shape. By supporting other scientists, Jason helps move the Genomics Revolution forward. Jason loves to pass along his passion for STEM and genomics to young scientists as well and hosts virtual Genomics 101 DNA extraction labs in classrooms, volunteer at local STEM Conventions, and has produced a series of short videos about genetics to inspire young scientists.

Prior to joining Illumina, Jason was in graduate school at the University of Delaware working in an oceanographic lab, studying and mapping a newly discovered coral reef. His studies in graduate school trained him in lab techniques, robotics, and computer coding that helped solidify his passion for science. When Jason is away from his work desk, he enjoys biking and lounging on the beach!

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