Stacy Douglas


Stacy is an International Education Specialist with 20+ years’ of experience teaching across the US, the UK, and Zambia. After earning her biology degree and working in a cardiology research lab, Stacy joined Teach for America (TFA). She taught science, math, and reading in secondary schools in Texas and New York for 15 years. Stacy was a member of the committees that wrote the New York State Intermediate Science Standards and the New York City Science Performance Standards. She was an instructional coach and teacher trainer in New York City, London, Pensacola, FL, and Greensboro, NC. Stacy has helped prepare the next generation of science educators, teaching education courses at Mercy College in NY and Canterbury Christ Church University in England. She served as a District Science Coordinator in New York City, managing a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, designing the science curriculum program for grades K-8, and creating the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program for hundreds of teachers in the district’s 27 schools. Stacy also headed the education dept at PEAS Zambia, a branch of UK-based nonprofit Promoting Equality in African Schools. In Zambia, Stacy managed school leaders, overseeing their leadership development as well as the education program at their schools. Stacy has designed various curricula for school systems, schools, and school wraparound services/after-school programs.