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Welcome To X-STEM All Access

New Episodes Coming in 2023!

X-STEM All Access – presented by the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force – is a free on-demand series for middle and high schoolers designed to get students excited about STEM.

Students will get an inside look into the exciting careers and inspiring personal journeys of diverse STEM role models through a lively Q&A session with a fellow STEM professional.  The 30-minute max episodes will premiere throughout the school year and will be available on-demand to fit in your schedule.

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About Our Speakers

X-STEM All Access episodes will be released throughout the 2023 school year and available on-demand at no cost.  Tune-in to every episode to hear from a diverse group of STEM role models.


Featured Speaker
Premieres Feb 22

Capt Sophia Schwalbe

This ionosphere physicist at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) is part of a team of scientists and engineers at the forefront of magnetosphere research. Hear about Capt Schwalbe's exciting role as a physicist and "meteorologist for space"!

Premieres Feb 22, April 26 & Nov 1

Maynard Okereke

Better known as the Hip Hop M.D., he's an engineer and science communicator using pop culture to make STEM fun!

Featured Speaker
Premieres March 8

Lt Col Cassandra McCloud

This licensed professional engineer is the Deputy Base Civil Engineer at Goldwater Air National Guard Base. Learn about her role to oversee maintenance, repair, and construction for the base and how she's used her engineering background in both civilian and U.S. military roles.

Premieres March 8

Erin Winick Anthony

She's an engineer and science communicator with a passion for showing the creativity of science!

Featured Speaker
Premieres March 22

Capt Tasia Reed

She's a flight commander for the newest branch of the Armed Forces. Get a glimpse into Capt Reed's journey and life as a U.S. Space Force Space Operations Officer.

Premieres March 22

Susie Martínez

She's a payload systems engineer in the space industry and a science communicator with a passion to inspire women and minority groups about STEM.

Featured Speaker
Premieres April 5

Capt Colton Mott

He's a Satellite Navigation Technology Area Lead at the Space Vehicles Directorate for the U.S. Air Force. Hear how his work with GPS technology impacts all of us!

Premieres April 5 & Oct 4

Dr. Tracy Fanara

She's an environmental engineer and research scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) who is on a mission to extend humanity’s time on earth by making it safe for all living things.

Featured Speaker
Premieres April 26

Capt Adrian Castillo

Learn about his job managing the development of emerging Space Domain Awareness (SDA) technologies within the Air Force Research Laboratory!

Featured Speaker
Premieres May 10

Capt Jason Seik

Hear about his role as Project Manager of the Hypersonic Plasma Re-entry Effects Program within the Air Force Research Laboratory!

Premieres May 10

Aspen Meineke

She's an engineer and STEM educator with a passion to get students excited about STEM subjects and careers.

Premieres Oct 18

Roy Moye III

He's an aerospace engineer and grammy nominated musical artist with a passion for inspiring the next generation of multicultural STEM professionals!

Watch On-Demand - More Videos Coming Soon!

Meteorology in Space

Join engineer and science communicator Maynard Okereke a.k.a. “Hip Hop M.D.” for an engaging conversation with Capt Sophia Schwalbe about her exciting role as a physicist and “meteorologist for space”!

Engineering in Space

Join engineer and TV host Tamara Robertson for an engaging conversation with engineer Joan Melendez Misner. Learn what it’s like to be a space engineer and planetary defender at NASA!

Using Data Science to Solve Problems

Join Mr. Fascinate Justin Shaifer for a close-up look at the career of Air Force data scientist TSgt Terica Clewis. Learn how her work designing innovative software systems helps the U.S. Air Force efficiently manage, store and process large-scale data.

Diving in with Sharks!

Join Global STEM Ambassador Jay Flores on a deep dive with shark researchers and cinematographers Lauren and Joe Romeiro. Hear from this shark researching team and their efforts to study, document, and educate the public about these awe-inspiring apex predators.

High Flying Role Models

Join flight test engineer Kate Gunderson for conversation with Airbus helicopter pilot Esther Beckett. Learn what it’s like to excel in a career in aviation!

Do the Climate Rock!

Join Tracy Fanara, environmental engineer and NOAA research scientist, for a conversation with NASA climate scientist Josh Willis. Learn about his work to understand the role that the ocean plays in melting Greenland’s glaciers and the impact on global sea level rise. Meet Climate Elvis and sing along to The Climate Rock!

One-on-One with Space Force Guardian Chief Abifarin Scott

Join Kevin J DeBruin, former NASA rocket scientist and space educator, for an in-depth conversation with Space Force Guardian Chief Abifarin Scott. Did you know that ALL career fields in the Space Force – the newest branch of the United States Armed Forces – are STEM-related? Learn about Chief Scott’s work with space satellite systems and how this technology impacts our daily lives.

One-on-One with The Classy Chemist

Join engineer and TV host Tamara Robertson for an engaging conversation with The Classy Chemist, Dr. Yasmine Daniels. Did you know the many ways that chemistry impacts our daily lives? Learn how this chemist and industrial hygienist is working to make the workplace and the environment a cleaner and safer place for everyone.

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