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Hypoxia & Aerospace Physiology

Aerospace Physiology Flight Chief, MSgt Desiree Beltran – Hosted by – environmental engineer, Tracy Fanara

Making an Impact with Meteorology

Weather Flight Commander for the U.S. Air Force, Capt Matthew Steiner – Hosted By – engineer and STEM communicator Maynard Okereke A.K.A. “The Hip Hop MD”

Bringing Space into Focus

Optical Systems at Space Delta 2, Sgt Jeffrey Shields – Hosted by – STEAM Power Media STEM communicator, Erin Winick Anthony

Flying the F-35

U.S. Air Force F-35 Pilot, Capt Ariel Kneppers – Hosted by – Engineer and TV Host Tamara Robertson

Ensuring a Safe Return From Space

Project Manager of the Hypersonic Plasma Re-entry Effects Program, Capt. Jason Seik – Hosted by – engineer and STEM educator, Aspen Meineke

Tracking Objects in Orbit

Starfire Optical Range Research Section Chief, Capt Adrian Castillo – Hosted by – engineer and science communicator, Maynard Okereke a.k.a.”The Hip Hop MD”

The Military Technology We All Use

Satellite Navigation Technology Area Lead at the Space Vehicles Directorate for the U.S. Air Force, Capt. Colton Mott – Hosted by – environmental engineer and research scientist for NOAA, Dr. Tracy Fanara

Protecting and Securing Space

U.S. Space Force flight commander, Capt. Tasia Reed – Hosted by – space industry payload systems engineer, Susie Martinez

Engineering With Purpose

National Guard Deputy Base Civil Engineer, Lt Col Cassandra McCloud – Hosted by – engineer and science communicator, Erin Winick Anthony

Meteorology in Space

Ionosphere physicist at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Capt Sophia Schwalbe – Hosted by Maynard Okereke a.k.a. “The Hip Hop M.D.”

Engineering in Space

Space engineer, Joan Melendez Misner – hosted by engineer & TV host, Tamara Robertson

Using Data Science to Solve Problems

Data scientist TSgt Terica Clewis – hosted by STEM advocate Justin Shaifer a.k.a. “Mr. Fascinate”

High Flying Role Models

Airbus helicopter pilot Esther Beckett – hosted by Flight Test Engineer Kate Gunderson

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Diving in with Sharks

Shark research team Joe & Lauren Romeiro – hosted by Global STEM Ambassador Jay Flores

Do the Climate Rock!

NASA Climate Scientist Josh Willis, Ph.D. – hosted by Environmental Engineer and NOAA Research Scientist Dr. Tracy Fanara

Lesson Plan Resources

One-on-One with Space Force Guardian Chief Abifarin Scott

Chief Abifarin R. Scott – hosted by space educator and former NASA rocket scientist Kevin J DeBruin

One-on-One with The Classy Chemist

Dr. Yasmine Daniels – hosted by engineer and TV host Tamara Robertson

Exploring our Minds

Combining STEM Superpowers

Life Beyond Our World

Science that Saves Lives

Ambassadors of Conservation and the Climate

Returning to the Moon

Astronaut Zena Cardman and Dr. Moogega Cooper – with a brain break by STEMusic’s Roy Moye III

Real-Life Robotics

Jasmine Lawrence and Easton LaChappelle – with a brain break by Hip Hop M.D. Maynard Okereke and special guest Space Force Guardian Major Adrian Law

Next Gen STEM

Dasia Taylor and Catherine Kim – with special guests YouTube stars Collins and Devan Key, and AstraZeneca’s Dr. Susan Galbraith

Wild About Animals

Jordan Veasley and Phil Torres – with Brain Break by Dr. Tracy Fanara