Roy Moye III
Engineer & Musician


STEMusic Moments With the Singing Engineer, Roy Moye III

An accomplished singer and performer, Roy Moye III, combines his love for music and aerospace engineering with motivating the next generation in STEM careers. Dubbed “The Singing Engineer,” Roy does this by wowing young audiences with his high-energy STEMusic stage performances.

After earning his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from Wichita State University, he began working for Spirit Aerosystems as a Structural Design Engineer where he currently designs aircraft parts for the Boeing 777. Throughout his collegiate and professional journey, Roy has worked and volunteered with and for several STEM organizations, including serving as the Region 5 Chairperson of the National Society of Black Engineers.

In addition, he is also a performing gospel singer and has sung National Anthems for professional sports teams in the MLB, NFL, and NBA.

As a singer, Roy is proud of his ethnic background (which includes Black, Puerto Rican, and Mexican heritage) and frequently, including in his STEM performances, incorporates rhythms and languages from his ethnicity.

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