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Students get an inside look into the exciting careers and inspiring personal journeys of diverse STEM role models through a lively Q&A session with a fellow STEM professional. The 30-minute max episodes will premiere throughout the school year and will be available on-demand to fit into your schedule.

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Lesson Plans

X-STEM All Access episodes come with free NGSS and CASEL aligned lesson plans designed for middle and high school classrooms. Each lesson links to a compatible X-STEM All Access episode featuring an inspiring STEM role model. Browse our library of lesson plans created by educators for educators!

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Featured NGSS & CASEL Lesson Plans

Evaluating Engineering Materials

Students compare properties of copper and bronze and use them to...

Engineering in Space: Safe Collisions

After analyzing asteroid impacts, students engineer and iterate an egg drop...

Using Computational Models in Science

Using computational thinking patterns, students propose a model for phenomenon.

Unraveling the History of Sharks

Analyze fossil records to observe patterns of existence, extinction, and change...

Toxins in an Ecosystem

Study toxin cycles through an ecosystem to create a model for...

Analyzing the Mars Sample Return Program

Prioritize criteria to select which samples NASA should return from Mars.

Address Bias through Machine Learning

Explore machine learning and examine its capabilities and limitations. Students will...

Climate Models to Study Sea Level Rise

Analyze climate models to determine the extent and impact of ice...