X-STEM All Access Partnership

What is X-STEM All Access?

X-STEM All Access is a free on-demand series for middle and high schoolers designed to get students excited about STEM.  Viewers will get an inside look into the exciting careers and inspiring personal journeys of diverse STEM role models through a lively Q&A session hosted by an equally inspiring STEM professional.  These X-STEM All Access role models represent diversity in all forms including ethnicity, gender, age, educational level, life experience, and topic area.  Viewers will hear about their career challenges, lessons learned, and impactful words of wisdom.  The 30-minute episodes are released throughout the school year and are designed to fit within a classroom schedule.  Each new episode will be accompanied by an NGSS and CASEL aligned lesson plan designed by a professional educator.

Access viewer demographics and stats from Season 3 (2022) and Season 4 (2023)

Why is X-STEM All Access Effective?

As a society, we get what we celebrate.  We celebrate athletes, pop stars, Hollywood movie actors and actresses, but we don’t celebrate science and engineering.

Larry Bock, Founder of the USA Science & Engineering Festival

The virtual platform extends the reach of our X-STEM program globally, impacting students and educators around the world.

People connect with people. By connecting a career to a role-model and their STEM story students are more able to relate and envision themselves in that field of STEM.

X-STEM normalizes diversity in STEM and society as a whole. To effectively change a cultural narrative it is vital to not only encourage under-represented participation, but also to role-model diversity.

Role-models encourage ongoing curiosity and discussion around STEM topics. They are sharing not only about their career  but their STEM journey, overcoming obstacles, persevering through disappointments, and the joy of accomplishment. This opens the door to more varied discussion with STEM at the center. Most X-STEM All Access role-model speakers are active on social media providing a platform that continues to stimulate the STEM journey for students.

X-STEM role-models are not just speakers. They are part of a carefully curated group of STEM role-models that students can follow and continue to learn from.

Learning about careers through storytelling offers students a real-world context of STEM topics and connects exciting career opportunities to world issues students are passionate about.

Educators can easily integrate episodes into their classroom with NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) and CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) aligned lesson plans to accompany every featured speaker.

Partnership Impact

Provide students with free access to diverse STEM role models and careers

Outreach to over 300 school districts across the country with an emphasis on Title 1 students

Targeted outreach to partner-specific geographic areas

Support educators with NGSS and CASEL aligned lesson plans

Support educators in underserved and rural communities who may not have the resources or ability to attend an in-person STEM event


Promote your STEM programs to a global viewing audience

Detailed post event recap report including attendee demographic information, survey feedback, and student impact data

Promote episodes through social media posts and advertisements

Exposure to educators across the world through our partner educator platforms including the PocketLab Notebook, Teachers Pay Teachers, and more to come

Multiple partnership levels are available and customizable.  Benefits vary by partner level.  Contact us to discuss specifics for your organization.