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Stem Learning Tools For The Classroom

MODERATOR: Jason Latimer

Virtual STEM Workshop Series for Educators

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The VIRTUAL Inspire Educators Workshops is a special event series for educators designed to inspire and equip teachers with the most current and innovative STEM learning tools for the classroom. Industry leaders will share their STEM perspectives and resources while implementing realistic teaching models.

The online event will consist of multiple educator-focused workshops taking place over two consecutive days. Attendees who participate during the livestream will have the opportunity to submit questions to workshop presenters. On-demand viewing will be available immediately following the livestream.

Inspire Educators Workshops 2021 is moderated by Jason Latimer, World Champion Magician and Host of Impossible Science at Home.

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MODERATOR: Jason Latimer
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K-12 educators teaching in a public, private, charter, or homeschool*


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*This program does not offer professional development credits for educators

Spring 2021 Workshop Information

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Taren Long - Taking Risks for Mathematical Rewards

Join educator Taren Long to learn about strategies that can be used to help math students make sense of problems and strengthen their number sense. These strategies could be used as warm-ups, during transitions, as part of virtual/in-person discussions, or as a lesson. Taren will share and discuss video clips of her students engaging with visual patterns, estimations, and three act math tasks. She will give some tips for how to structure productive conversations with your students, and show some resources that are available to help students organize their thinking while completing these activities.

LaMar Queen - Use STEM Music to Excite and Empower Learners

Music can effectively lower anxiety, promote deep student discourse, empower students, and create an exciting learning environment. A classroom that incorporates music taps into student emotions, lowers walls that inhibit learning and is culturally responsive. Join Music Notes cofounder and math teacher, Mr. LaMar "Mr. Q-U-E" Queen," as he explores these findings and discusses strategies for introducing music into the STEM classroom.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Jess Kesler - Interdisciplinary Learning: Making Connections

Traditional schools’ schedules often present singular subjects in isolation of one another without offering students an opportunity to make connections or tackle larger complex problems. Yet, this system of teaching and learning is not parallel to the workforce students are entering. The 2018 Job Outlook Survey reported under 50% of employers believe that recent college graduates are prepared for the workforce. Interdisciplinary Learning provides the environment and tools to provide students with a robust learning experience that models most workplaces.

Join educator Jess Kesler as she explores the benefits of interdisciplinary learning. By participating, you will: Discover benefits of Interdisciplinary Learning and make connections to the workforce. Explore a case study of a student using interdisciplinary learning tools in order to solve complex problems. And receive and use TGR provided resources to plan an interdisciplinary approach to learning

Roy Moye III - The Power of Teaching with a Song

This workshop will walk educators through the creative song creation process that will highlight how they can make a unique and powerful connection to the lessons they teach their students. We will focus on turning the Engineering Design Process into a memorable short song that will drive home the value that this teaching tool can bring to any classroom. Join STEMusic founder, Roy Moye III, to learn more about incorporating music into a science lesson for a fun and engaging lesson.

About The Workshop Presenters


Jason Latimer

This moderator is an illusionist who combines magic and science on his own series, Impossible Science!


Taren Long

A passionate math teacher and DoD STEM Ambassador, Taren Long will share her strategies for helping students make sense of problems and strengthen their confidence in numbers.

Music Notes

LaMar Queen "Mr. Q-U-E"

As co-founder of Music Notes Online, this math teacher has an unexpected approach to exciting students about STEM in the classroom.

Spark of STEM Teacher Feature

Nancy Bullard "Mrs. B TV"

This 4th generation public school teacher's science experiment videos have amassed over 1 million followers on TikTok!

TGR Foundation

Jess Kesler

This educator and Professional Development Facilitator for the TGR Foundation shares her expertise in interdisciplinary learning.


Roy Moye III

He's an aerospace engineer and musician ready to share how music can be a fun and captivating learning method for teaching STEM subjects in the classroom

Spark of STEM Teacher Feature

Mr. Daniel Thompson

This Ron Clark Academy teacher shares unique science experiments on his social media platforms!

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