Dr. Albert Yu-Min Lin
Research Scientist, Entrepreneur and National Geographic Explorer
Planet3 and University of California, San Diego


Meet Scientist Albert Yu-Min Lin and His Plan to Bring Planet3 to Your Classroom!

Young, forward-thinking and highly innovative, research scientist Albert Yu-Min Lin has his sights set on inspiring the next generation of visionaries. “The most exciting thing about science is the unknown — anything is possible,” he says, quoting the original watchwords he has obviously followed in co-founding his latest ambitious scientific undertaking: Planet3, an exploration-based learning company which in 2015 was successful in securing $10 million in funding to launch a digital learning classroom platform aimed at presenting the entire Earth as a living laboratory for K-12 learners.

Empowering student curiosity and achievement, in addition to integrating the most advanced Earth observing networks of NASA, NOAA, and other research entities, Planet3 targets Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) subjects, enabling students to explore and contribute to real world science. Modeled on the Next Generation Science Standards, Planet3’s instructional design combines immersive game-based challenges and real-world context to provide exploration-based learning experiences.  The undertaking emphasizes data analytics and visualization to encourage students to gather evidence and craft their own conclusions.

“Bridging concepts like crowdsourced citizen science into the classroom will not only bring real world purpose to each subject but may also lead to a new age of discovery,” says Albert, a research scientist with the UC San Diego´s Qualcomm Institute, and who launched Planet3 with former National Geographic president Tim Kelly and award-winning game designer Vijay Lakshman. The first product of the program focuses on Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences at the middle school level, and is scheduled for initial release in Fall 2016.

Planet 3´s co-founders believe the initiative is pioneering a new approach to STEAM education, saying the program, by integrating curriculum into an immersive learning environment where students are challenged and excited to learn, stands to help deliver improved learning outcomes.

In addition to being an award-winning research scientist at UC San Diego (where he graduated with a degree in Materials Science), Albert is an also an Explorer for National Geographic and is widely recognized for developing technology applications that merge remote exploration with crowdsourced citizen science.  In late 2011, Late last year, the National Geographic channel broadcast “The Forbidden Tomb of Genghis Khan,” which followed him and his team into Mongolia’s “Forbidden Zone.” Almost a year before, readers of National Geographic voted Albert the magazine´s first ¨Reader’s Choice Adventurer of the Year¨.

For more information, please visit http://www.albertyuminlin.com/