Brendan Jones
Chief Operating Officer
Electrify America


Rolling Out ‘Fueling Stations of the Future’ for Electric Vehicles

The electric vehicle (EV) has just taken a major leap forward by receiving the charging infrastructure or network that allows these vehicles to be charged efficiently and conveniently for commuting as well as for long-range highway travel.

This leap is doing much to convince consumers of the benefits of driving electric, says Brendan Jones, Chief Operating Officer of Electrify America, a company at the forefront of building and introducing fast-charging stations for EVs across the nation. Said Brendan in a recent interview with the online publication, Ride: “Our job is to demonstrate that infrastructure is available. We’re rolling out to 29 markets, so we’ll have over 800 stations installed by the end of 2021, which will focus on 3500 public chargers.” The charging network is currently available in 45 states.

Electrify America’s charging stations – called “Fueling Stations of the Future” – are enabling EVs to be used not only for commuting to work but also for weekend getaways and road trips. These stations, open 24/7 and located close to dining, shopping and other convenient areas, can charge EVs in as little as 30 minutes. Electrify America also invests in initiatives to increase public awareness and education of driving electric.

Before joining Electrify America, Brendan served as the Vice President of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Strategy & Development for EVgo. He also spent 21 years at Nissan, the last six as the executive responsible for building out electric vehicle sales and a charging infrastructure. Brendan served on the Board of Directors of the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) and was Vice Chairman of the Board of the ROEV Association. He holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from George Mason University.

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