Dr. Michael Barratt
Physician and Astronaut


Dr. Michael Barratt – Physician and NASA Astronaut

Dr. Michael R. Barratt was selected by NASA in 2000. Board certified in Internal and Aerospace Medicine, he has participated in two spaceflights. In 2009, Dr. Barratt served as Flight Engineer for Expedition 19/20. This marked the transition from three to six permanent International Space Station crew members. During this time, he performed two spacewalks. He also flew on STS-133, which delivered the Permanent Multipurpose Module and fourth Express Logistics Carrier. Currently, Dr. Barratt serves in the Mission Support branches providing medical and human factors expertise to multiple spaceflight programs.

For more information, please click here:  https://www.nasa.gov/astronauts/biographies/michael-reed-barratt/biography