Dr. Velma Deleveaux
Engineer and Principal
Booz Allen


Velma Deleveaux: Using Engineering to Solve Complex Problems in Business and Technology

As a principal (key decision maker) at Booz Allen, the prominent American management consulting firm, Velma Deleveaux plays a vital role in helping her company solve some of the most daunting technological and business problems today. Booz Allen, a $5.6 billion company, provides management consulting, technology and engineering services to commercial clients and the US government.

Using her background in industrial systems and manufacturing engineering, Velma is a leader in Booz Allen’s Science and Technology practice. There, she has led complex corporate initiatives and designed solutions that enable employees to embrace business and technological changes spurred by business startups, competition, federal regulations, and new stakeholder requirements.

As skillful as she is a leader and problem solver, she is also passionate about advocating for more women and minorities in decision-making roles in the workplace. “It’s essential to find and promote diverse talent for the sake of performance, not just diversity for its own sake … Studies show diverse teams derive better solutions because they bring diverse perspectives,” says Velma, who emigrated to the U.S. from Crooked Island, Bahamas, and serves as a noted speaker and mentor on new approaches to address the national STEM pipeline challenge.

Velma holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University; an S.M. degree in Engineering Science from Harvard University; and a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

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