Emily Calandrelli
Science TV Host and Astronautics Expert


Her Excitement Shines Through: Emily Calandrelli Shares Her Passion About Science in Many Ways

Without even meeting her, one thing is immediately apparent about Emily Calandrelli — ranging from her engaging website to the captivating science technology articles and blogs she pens: This talented astronautics expert is wildly passionate about the many roles she plays to bring science literacy and the excitement of space exploration to kids and the general public.

Highly multi-faceted, Emily is a correspondent on Netflix´s Bill Nye Saves the World and a producer and host of FOX’s Xploration Outer Space, a weekly educational outer space show that explores everything from asteroid mining to life beyond Earth. She also covers developments in the space industry as a writer for TechCrunch — and in current outreach to young kids, the first books her chapter book series titled Ada Lace (named for the gifted female mathematician who is considered to have written instructions for the first computer program in the mid-1800s) were released this past August, bringing Emily´s love of science and tech to little girls.

“Most young students, especially women and minorities, don’t realize how many amazing, creative, and often free opportunities exist for students who pursue STEM majors. I hope to change that,” she says.

In addition to writing, Emily is a professional speaker on the topics of space exploration and scientific literacy. Through all her endeavors, Emily works to explain science-related topics in an easily digestible, and entertaining, way. “Increasing the level of scientific literacy among the general public is something I care deeply about,” she says. “I believe that everyone, despite their educational background, can understand scientific topics.”

Emily’s educational background is in engineering and policy. At West Virginia University she received Bachelor´s degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. She received her Master´s degree from MIT in Aeronautics and Astronautics as well as Technology and Policy.

Her emerging career has also seen her serve as a Visiting Scholar in Harvard´s NASA Tournament Lab and a Research Assistant in NASA Ames Research Center and NASA Glenn Research Center. Her awards and honors include receiving the MIT Rene H. Miller Award for Systems Engineering; being named a Barry Goldwater Scholar; a Harry Truman Scholar, a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow, and a National Science in Engineering and Education Graduate Fellow.

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