Jess Loeb
Video Game Software Engineer


Jess Loeb: Using Problem-Solving and Creativity to Drive Innovation at PlayStation

PlayStation staff software engineer Jess Loeb is living out a childhood dream. “I grew up playing video games,” says the Southern California native, “and I always thought that was just the coolest thing.” Now, being able to actually develop these games as a career is a dream come true, Jess said in an interview with the Techies Project, adding, “I wanted to do something that I would have fun doing.”

At PlayStation, Jess combines her technical expertise with collaboration skills and creativity to find unique approaches to problems for the gaming platform, and to scale and share solutions that benefit wider audiences. Her goal is to create technology that leads to an amazing developer experience for developers of all backgrounds and passions. Her project is making the company’s technical practices more flexible, performance-driven and reusable. “It’s a very exciting time to work at PlayStation!”

Before PlayStation, she worked in software architecture/engineering at such notables as EA, Zynga and GSN. In addition to games, Jess is passionate about conducting outreach activities that expose young learners of all backgrounds to the joys and excitement of STEM and game design, and has been active in founding and leading advocacy groups for women in gaming since 2015.

“My mission is to empower innovation and allow more people from diverse backgrounds to use their imaginations every day.” Jess is currently an EMBA student at The Wharton School, and earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science (focus on Game Design) from Cornell University.

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