3M Visiting Wizards


An Experience You Won’t Forget: 3M Visiting Wizards Bring Their Science Excitement to the Stage! 

Ohhhh, those unforgettable, mind-boggling science demonstrations by the 3M Visiting Wizards!  The 3M Visiting Wizards’ amazing interactive stage show will explore the mysteries of chemistry, air pressure, sound, and the science of the ultra-cold and is patterned after the program’s science learning kits. Come see these concepts demonstrated with ordinary items like bathroom scales, toilet paper, metal trash cans and flying ping pong balls.  The show will be presented by analytical chemist Jeff Payne and health physicist Mike Lewandowski.  They will show you that science is truly FUN! 

With hands-on, interactive kits covering 29 STEM topics, ranging from exploring catapults, crime mystery investigation, sound and music, cryogenics and unmasking the secrets of color and light – the 3M Visiting Wizards (made up of scientists and engineers from the 3M Company) have dazzled countless students in elementary and middle school classrooms throughout the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) metro area where 3M Company is based and in communities nationally near 3M plant locations since 1985 to show that science is fun, and to inspire the next generation of STEM innovators.  The 3M Visiting Wizards and their commitment to STEM, reflect the innovative spirit of 3M, whose more than 55,000 products in technology include not only such well-known names as Post-it® Notes, Scotch® tape and ACE™ bandages, but also anti-glare technology for computers, air and water filters and insulation found in coats, gloves and boots.

For more information, please visit:  https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/gives-us/education/visiting-wizards/