American Mathematical Society
Who Wants to be a Mathematician?
Friday, April 6 1-2:20
Stage E


Who Wants to be a Mathematician. Get Ready for This Challenging American Mathematical Society Competition! 

Widely regarded as the world’s most exciting and fun math contest, Who Wants to Be a Mathematician, hosted by the American Mathematical Society (AMS) gives students the chance to test their math savvy, win cash and other prizes, or cheer on the contestants. At the Festival Expo in Washington, DC, six of the area’s sharpest math students will compete in this event, and one of them could win $3000! 

Says Mike Breen, game host of the competition: “It is great that the AMS is able to conduct this competition which values and encourages mathematical talent. While sports are usually celebrated, it is wonderful that students interested in mathematics can also be encouraged. I sincerely hope that many more students gain the opportunity to participate in this competition.”

In the AMS game, high school students compete by answering a series of challenging multiple-choice mathematics questions.  The cash prize in the game is donated by the AMS. Contestants at the 2018 Festival Expo will include eligible high school students from the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. For others, playing along while watching from the audience is also a great way for a math club or for individuals to match wits with the contestants and have some fun at the same time.

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