Danni Washington
Science Communicator & Ocean Explorer
Saturday, April 7 11-11:40
Stage C Sunday, April 8 2-2:40 Stage C


Meet Danni Washington, Rising Marine Biologist and TV Host, At Festival 2018 To Explore the Wonders of the ´Big Blue’

“I’ve been an ocean lover for as long as I can remember, that’s why I decided to dedicate my life to protecting the sea that I love so dearly,” says Danni Washington, noted science communicator, ocean advocate, TV host and eco-entrepreneur in summing up what launched her passion in marine conservation.

A native of Miami, FL with Jamaican heritage, Danni — who graduated in 2008 from the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science with a Bachelor´s of Science degree in Marine Science/Biology — has already put her love of the sea into action in exciting ways.  At age 21, she with her mother co-founded the 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization called The Big Blue & You, which is dedicated to inspiring and educating youth about marine conservation through the arts and media.  She is also the host of the STEM educational TV Series called Xploration Nature Knows Best , which is syndicated on Fox and airs on Hulu and Amazon Prime,  featuring the most current advances in bio-inspired technology and design.

“The USA Science & Engineering Festival provides a unique platform for young minds to explore their imaginations and ignite curiosity. I’m excited to be a part of a growing community of science communicators who are ready to inspire the next generation to pursue unique careers in STEM.” Danni Washington

Don’t miss Danni at  the Festival Expo this April as she brings Marine Science and other frontiers to life through her high-profile appearances that include:

  • Serving as a Festival spokesperson at X-STEM, Sneak Peek Friday and over the Expo Weekend.
  • Appearing on stage multiple times throughout the Expo weekend, including for “Stories of the Blue” with Journalist and Filmmaker Angela Sun, as well as underwater cinematographer from Steer Digital, Carlos Toro.
  • Also, join Danni and neuroscientist Samantha Yammine aka Science Sam. Learn about how these two passionate women are empowering others to engage with science in new ways. Hear about the trials and triumphs of their journeys, plus tips to get you started exploring how to share your love of science! From your smartphone or a big production studio, science communication is essential to connect people with the information that may inspire tomorrow’s biggest discoveries and innovations.
  • Also, at the Expo visit her Big Blue & You booths upstairs in our “Into the Deep Blue” Pavilion.

For more information on Danni, please visit https://www.danniwashington.com/

Saturday - 4/7 - 11:00 am 04/07/2018 11:00 am 04/07/2018 11:40 am America/Los_Angeles Danni Washington Danni Washington & TBD: Science Communication #SciComm Stage C
Sunday - 4/8 - 2:00 pm 04/08/2018 2:00 pm 04/08/2018 2:40 pm America/Los_Angeles Danni Washington Danni Washington & Angela Sun: Stories of the Deep Blue Stage C