Samantha Yammine
#SciComm Advocate and Neuroscientist
Saturday, April 7 11-11:40 Stage C


Join Danni Washington host of Xploration Nature Knows Best and neuroscientist Samantha Yammine aka Science Sam. Learn about how these two passionate women are empowering others to engage with science in new ways. Hear about the trials and triumphs of their journeys, plus tips to get you started exploring how to share your love of science! From your smartphone or a big production studio, science communication is essential to connect people with the information that may inspire tomorrow’s biggest discoveries and innovations.

Samantha Yammine is a passionate Science Communicator and Neuroscientist at the University of Toronto. She has been fascinated by how our brains work ever since she was a kid, and loves sharing the cool things she’s learned about the microscopic world in our heads with everyone.

Our incredible, squishy brains are made up of 171 billion small parts called cells, which are responsible for everything we ever think or do. Samantha became curious about how all of these cells are made, and has been researching this topic for her PhD. Now in her final year, she has been mapping out how our brains develop, cell by cell, to better understand how the most incredible part of us was made. While it’s still far away in the future, this work might help us better understand how to one day regenerate the brain after injuries or diseases.

Samantha goes by the nickname “Science Sam” online, where she passionately shares the day to day excitement that comes with being a researcher through Instagram. She loves to bust health myths and use comics and pop culture to show the fun and trendy side of science.

She believes science can make the world a better place, and that anyone can participate in science if they want to. You can learn more about her at

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