Visualizing the Universe

Dr. Satyan Devadoss

Inside the Addicted Human Brain

Dr. Nora Volkow

Welcome Address at the 2016 X-STEM Symposium

Dr. Joe Handelsman

Inside the Heads of Corals: My Quest to Understand the Ocean’s Most Extraordinary Creatures

Dr. Anne Cohen

How Nanobiotechnology is Turning Science Fiction into Science Fact

Dr. Jordan Green

Body Physics: “Biomechanics”

Dr. Antonia Zaferiou

Tools for Young Changemakers

Charles Orgbon III

The Future of the Past

Emily Cross

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Genomic Technology for Microbiology and Its Role in Safeguarding the U.S. Food Supply

Eric Brown

A Look Inside the U.S. Department of Defense

Dr. Jagadeesh Pamulapati

Urban Beekeeping as a Tool for STEM Education

Noah Wilson-Rich

How STEM Can Get you Anywhere

Patrick Harker

Lessons from an Accidental Engineer

Stephanie Hill

Taking Your Education and Career Journey to a Higher Altitude with Astronaut Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson

Bugs in my Bugs: The Science of Rainforest Ants and Their Gut Bacteria

Dr. Corrie Moreau

On Being a Force of Nature: From Human Spaceflight Operations to Exploring Earth’s Polar Regions

Christy Hansen

Illuminated by the Sunfish

Dr. Tierney Thys

Ocean Exploration Through the Eyes of Animals

Amy Kukulya

Revelations During My Improbable Journey

Gabriela A. Gonzalez

Global Problem Solving Using STEM

Dr. Padhu Seshaiyer

Science in Your Shopping Cart

Dr. Chavonda Jacobs-Young

Brain Machine Integration

Dr. Kafui Dzirasa

Using Cell Biology to Make a Lasting Impact

Dr. Tyler Allen

From Compassion to Innovation: A Never Ending Adventure

Hannah Herbst

Gamera: A Project Inspired by Davinci

Dr. Darryll Pines

From the Schoolyard to Singapore: Eating Insects Here, There, and Everywhere

Zack Lemann

Merging Science With Science Fiction

Dr. Erin Macdonald

WILD ABOUT SCIENCE: From NFL Cheerleader to National Geographic Explorer

Dr. Mireya Mayor

Innovation in Unlikely Places

Tim Vanderham

How Gamers are Mapping the Brain

Amy Sterling


Justin Shaifer

Discussing Experimental Archaeology, Ancestral Diets and Modern Health

Dr. Bill Schindler

The Challenge of Creating Robots That Walk and Run with Dr. Christian Hubicki

Dr. Christian Hubicki

Using Problem-Solving and Creativity to Drive Innovation at PlayStation

Jess Loeb

Defining your Own Future

Dr. Serena McCalla

Into the Unknown: Deep Below the Ocean

Dr. Sylvia Earle

Journey to the NIH

Dr. Francis Collins

Robotics from Biology to Manufacturing

Dr. Howie Choset

Snowstorms, Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Sunshine … The Life of a Meteorologist

Amelia Draper

Why I like being a Scientist in the U.S. Air Force!

General Heather L. Pringle

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Neuroscientists the ‘Backyard Brains’ Way

Dr. Greg Gage

The Importance of Changing the Image of STEM

Dr. Knatokie Ford

Key Technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Mohamed Kande

Hacker, Maker, Artist, Engineer – Made in USA

Limor Fried

Executive Vice President for Product Technology at Mastercard

Dana Lorberg

Adventures of a Science Storyteller on TV

Emily Calandrelli

Zombies, Sports, and Cola: Implications For Talking About Weather and Climate

Dr. J. Marshall Shepherd

Bringing the Power of Computer Programming to the Masses

Dr. Jean Yang

Inventing Products that Win!

Murali Patnam

Changing the World of Manufacturing with Scientists and Engineers

Dr. Joseph DeSimone