David Madden
Inspirational Quote: "Curiosity and wonder are at the heart of STEM learning. Engaging lessons center around allowing students to experience science while cultivating awe and fostering creativity."


David Madden is in his 26th year as a high school science teacher. He teaches AP Biology and general biology – and in years past he has taught AP Environmental Science, Physics, Integrated Science (biology, chemistry, physics), and Marine Biology. He has also coached basketball, volleyball, tennis, and track. David has taught in Chicago and Seattle; he now lives in NW Florida with his family.  

David loves giving students access to deep science experiences. He has led student groups on science expeditions to Peru, he was a NOAA Teacher at Sea in 2019, and the Big Bend Leon Association of Science Teachers (BLAST) Teacher of the Year in 2020.  

David loves to help students experience science both inside and outside of the classroom.  He created Madden Science on YouTube years ago with the goal to inspire awe and wonder, and to help viewers learn science by highlighting fun and interesting concepts in our natural world.  His videos focus on the joy and wonder of nature, covering biology, biomimicry, and physics.  Making videos helps David hone his science teaching skills, clarify thoughts, and serves as a fun and creative STEM endeavor.