Fri October 20, 2023 | The National Conference Center


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What to Expect at X-STEM

X-STEM NOVA is a FREE all-day CONFERENCE-STYLE event for upper-middle and high school students designed to empower and inspire kids about careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  Attendees will be inspired by presentations from leading STEM role models, participate in Q&A sessions, learn by doing in hands-on workshops, interact with students from all over the county, and have fun while learning about exciting career opportunities in STEM!

X-STEM NOVA is presented by the U.S. Air Force.  Workshops are sponsored by Amazon Web Services, Maximus, and the U.S. Space Force.

Registered attendees and school groups attending for the full day* will be assigned to:
– ONE session participating in a hands-on workshop**
– TWO sessions seated in the main stage area to view speaker presentations and participate in Q&A sessions (each session will feature up to 2 speakers)
There may be an option to participate in a late-session workshop from 2:15-3:15pm for attendees who are able to stay on after the main event ends.

*We understand that sometimes schools need to arrive late and/or leave the event early. Due to limited seating, we will try our best but cannot guarantee early departing or late arriving schools seats in a hands-on workshop.
**Due to limited seating, we are unable to take requests for specific speakers or workshops.

Friday, October 20, 2023  |  9:30am to 2:00 pm ET  |  The National Conference Center. Leesburg, VA

Emcee Maynard Okereke
"Hip Hop M.D."
Presented by


Students in grades 6-12


Free in-person conference featuring presentations and hands-on workshops given by STEM role models


Friday, October 20, 2023, 9:30am to 2pm, at the National Conference Center

What People Are Saying

Last year, over 2,400 students, teachers, and parents from the DC metro area, Maryland and Virginia attended X-STEM NOVA.  Check out the 2022 recap report and photo album to see what X-STEM NOVA is all about.

Our scholars made wonderful connections at the XSTEM conference to their learning and real-world lives. They had a great time learning and even making model satellites. We look forward to bringing our scholars back next year!
Educator from EL Haynes School, 2023 X-STEM NOVA Attendee

My son enjoyed learning about the different career paths available while learning from experts in their fields, and hearing how they do their fieldwork.
Homeschool Educator, 2022 X-STEM NOVA Attendee

If you love science, you’ll love LOVE the X-STEM event. This event is just for you to learn more about science, robotics and so much other cool stuff.
Student from St. Andrew Apostle, 2022 NOVA San Diego Attendee

Speakers & Workshop Presenters
Airborne Mission Systems Specialist

Master Sergeant Travis Ervine

He’s an Air Force aviator with more than 3,100 flying hours in more than six different airframes!  Learn how STEM has played an important role in his Airborne Mission System Specialist career for the U.S. Air Force.

Conservation Genomics and Wildlife Forensics Researcher

Rebecca Johnson AM, PhD

She established the first wildlife forensics laboratory in Australia and led the sequencing of the koala genome.  Hear about her role as the Chief Scientist & Associate Director for Science at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

NASA Engineer

Ray Lundquist

He’s an engineer at NASA who has worked on many high-profile projects including the James Webb Space Telescope, the Hubble Space Telescope, and the Artemis Mission!


Roy Moye III

Get inspired by this engineer and Grammy-nominated musical artist!  Hear about his personal journey to become an aerospace engineer and sing along to his STEM-inspired tunes.

Eye Researcher

Dr. Ashley Rasys

Hear from this veterinarian and clinical scientist about the cool things lizards are doing for vision research.

Mathematical Scientist

Dr. Padhu Seshaiyer

He’s a mathematician at George Mason University who is on a personal mission to change the often-negative perception and image that students have about math.

Cyber Systems Administrator

Senior Airman Lucille Voeun

Learn what it’s like to be a Cyber Systems Administrator working in Special Operations for the U.S. Air Force!


Art Bots: Who's the Artist? Engineer or Machine, powered by AWS InCommunities

Join Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Rosie Riveters to build an Art “Robot” and explore the question “Who is the Artist? The engineer or the machine itself?” Explores how robots, artificial intelligence and machine learning can work together in this fun hands-on workshop.


Kinetic Butterflies, powered by AWS InCommunities

Join Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Rosie Riveters to explore the magic of energy transformation in our hands-on workshop. Craft a butterfly that springs to life and flys out of a book! Witness science in action as potential energy becomes kinetic.


Firewall or Failwall? Protect and Direct Your Data

Join Maximus to learn about the first defense in computer network security – Firewalls. Working in teams, students will build model firewalls and decide on rules that will determine what data goes through (in and out). When ready, firewalls will be tested for vulnerabilities – is the data protected with a secure firewall or do you have a failwall?


Mission Precision: Catapult Challenge

Design, engineer, and test a working catapult with the U.S. Space Force! Experience the excitement of engineering innovation and learn the importance of precision and accuracy in aerospace technology.

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