New Episodes to be Released Throughout 2022!


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Welcome To X-STEM All Access

New Episodes Coming in 2022!

X-STEM All Access is a free virtual conference series for middle and high schoolers designed to get students excited about STEM.

Students will get an inside look into the exciting careers and inspiring personal journeys of diverse STEM role models through a lively Q&A session with a fellow STEM professional.  The 30-minute max episodes will premiere throughout the school year and will be available on-demand to fit in your schedule.

Episodes will premiere at 10am PT/1pm ET  on the following dates – or watch on-demand any time after!

April 27  |  May 18  |  September 21  |  October 5  |  October 19  |  November 9  |  December 14


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About Our Speakers

X-STEM All Access episodes will be released throughout the 2022 school year and available on-demand at no cost.  Tune-in to every episode to hear from a diverse group of STEM role models.

More speakers to be announced! 

4/27/22 1:00 PM EST

Tamara Robertson

Join this engineer, TV host, and superhero scientist for an engaging conversation with Dr. Yasmine Daniels. Learn some surprising ways chemistry impacts our every day lives.

Featured Speaker
4/27/22 1:00 PM EST

Yasmine Daniels, Ph.D.

She's a chemist on a mission to make the workplace and the environment cleaner and safer places for everyone.

5/18/22 1:00 PM EST

Kevin J DeBruin

Join Kevin for an informative chat with Space Force Guardian SMSgt Abifarin Scott . Hear about the newest branch of the Armed Forces - the U.S. Space Force!

Featured Speaker
5/18/22 1:00 PM EST

Chief Abifarin R. Scott

Hear from this Chief of the newest branch of the Armed Forces - the United States Space Force - and learn about his work with satellite systems and communications!

9/21/22 1:00 PM EST

Dr. Tracy Fanara

Join Inspector Planet Dr. Tracy Fanara for an enlightening question and answer session with NASA Oceanographer Josh Willis!

Featured Speaker
9/21/22 1:00 PM EST

Josh Willis

Learn from this NASA climate scientist about his work to understand the role that the ocean plays in melting Greenland’s glaciers and the impact on global sea level rise.

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One-on-One with The Classy Chemist

Join engineer and TV host Tamara Robertson for an engaging conversation with The Classy Chemist, Dr. Yasmine Daniels. Did you know the many ways that chemistry impacts our daily lives? Learn how this chemist and industrial hygienist is working to make the workplace and the environment a cleaner and safer place for everyone.

One-on-One with Space Force Guardian Chief Abifarin Scott

Join Kevin J DeBruin, former NASA rocket scientist and space educator, for an in-depth conversation with Space Force Guardian Chief Abifarin Scott. Did you know that ALL career fields in the Space Force – the newest branch of the United States Armed Forces – are STEM-related? Learn about Chief Scott’s work with space satellite systems and how this technology impacts our daily lives.

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